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Megan's Journal

4 January
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13 going on 30, across the sea, band of brothers, basketball, bass, battle royale, benny and joon, bible, bill weasley, brian bell, brian pittman, catwoman, cds, charlie weasley, charlie's angels, christianity, church, clive owen, coldplay, conan o'brian, cowboys, cross country, damien lewis, daniel radcliffe, dave douglas, david kenyon webster, dick winters, dory, draco/pansy, drew berrymore, dvds, eastern washington university, el scorcho, emma watson, emo, fanfiction, finding nemo, fluffy puff marshmallows, frank perconte, fred weasley, friends, george luz, george weasley, ginny weasley, god, green mile, guinevere, harry potter, harry potter books, harry potter roleplaying, harry/ginny, hash pipe, hayden christensen, hermione granger, hidalgo, homestar runner, homsar, hoppster comics inc., horses, html, hugo weaving, icon brushes, icon making, icons, island in the sun, itunes, jason mraz, jennifer garner, jesus, jimmy fallon, jk rowling, johnny depp, kamiakin, kazuo kiriyama, keanu reeves, keep fishin', keira knightley, king arthur, lancelot, layout making, lindsey lohan, lj icons, lord of the rings, making icons, maladroit, mark ruffalo, matt hoopes, matt sharp, matt thiessen, mikey welsh, movies, music, my name is jonas, natalie portman, nemo, neo, never been kissed, neville longbottom, noriko nakagawa, parsnips, paul mccartney, peasant's quest, peasants, photograph, pink triangle, pinkerton, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, relient k, richard winters, ringo starr, rivers cuomo, ron and hermione, ron livingston, ron weasley, running, rupert grint, saturday night live, say it ain't so, seamus finnigan, seamus/lavender, seattle pacific university, shuya nanahara, sirius black, spiderman, stand by me, star wars, stephen ambrose, stephen king, strong bad, strong sad, switchfoot, teen girl squad, the beatles, the blue album, the cheat, the good life, the green mile, the matrix, the proclaimers, the simpsons, the squirrel pirates, tired of sex, tom hanks, track, trogdor, washington university, web design, weezer, writing